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Founder John Dodge weaved a Scottish legend into the story of Piper’s Landing through our logo, the Thistle. According to the legend, one night, as Viking pirates were creeping toward a Scottish camp, an unsuspecting Dane stepped on a thistle and screamed so loud that he woke the sleeping Scots, who rushed to protect their cherished, beautiful land. Throughout the centuries, the plant that pricked the invader's foot has been dear to the Scottish heart - serving as a reminder of the land that they love.

In creating Piper’s Landing, the founders felt so strongly about protecting the natural resources under their stewardship that they chose the Thistle as the emblem for our Club when it was established in 1984. Those natural surroundings are protected today and will be, forever.

As you walk the winding streets of Piper's Landing, you may notice names such as Loch Lane, Gleneagles Circle, Thornberry Circle and Troon Circle. They are references to the philosophy that guided our Club’s beginnings.

As it has often been said by those who live at Piper’s Landing Yacht & Country Club…

...there will never be another.